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Termite Services Supervisor/ Team Leader $300-$500

October 20, 2020

Job type:Full-Time
Job category:Construction / Engineering
Salary: WEIP外翻组专稿 有钱未必买得到 这10款限量版手机你曾 ,话说诺基亚今年出的1050神机网上都说问题多 值得给i5配一 ,在三国杀官方论坛发现三国杀手机版专区 还有客户端 威锋
Location:Phnom Penh
Job expires in20-11-2020




Founded in 1901, ORKIN Pest Control, a national residential and business service provider.

We provide the most accurate, comprehensive, and efficient pest management services for both residential and commercial customers. Actually, ORKIN came to installation in Phnom Penh, this position is ideal for the candidate that wants to be a part of a rock-solid company providing a valuable service to customers and an ideal work environment that believes in training and development of employees.




Job Description

  • Overall Duties
  1. Knowledge of Technical part: Inspection, Method, Toxic and Non-Toxic Bait, Chemical Using, Writing Service Report for Customers and Communication Way with Customers.
  2. To deliver quality service in full compliance to Health, Safety & Environmental requirements in line with Company standards and expectations.
  3. Ensure all Technicians are organized, scheduled and are follow Company policy.
  4. Ensure all Technicians are organized, scheduled and follow the Company productivity plan.
  5. Ensure that individuals and the team are competent and fully trained to the professional level laid down by the Company for the work that is being allocated to them.
  6. Ensure that new recruits are not permitted to work unsupervised until training has been completed and competence has been established.
  7. Daily check / approve on “Stock Requested and Stock Returned” of Technician of before service and after service.
  8. To facilitate overall customer retention by ensuring that excellent front line relationships are maintained with customers by:
    1. Assuring service quality by frequent site quality assurance visits.
    2. Developing and maintaining a positive high personal profile with our customers.
  • Training & Development
  1. Continually developing Technicians competency via frequent field coaching (at least 70% of daily working hour) and subsequent performance feedback.
  2. Cooperate with QA Department for Implementing the i-Audit.
  3. Get the feedback from QA Department and enhance the Services Quality.
  • Monitoring & Reporting
  1. Keep communicating with Customer during service and after services and perform Customer Care Quality Calls.
  2. Verify the Service Reports from Technicians (Daily Report, Weekly Report, Monthly Report).
  3. Work closely with Stock Controller to maintain proper inventory levels and report to Line Manager immediately if there is the need of purchasing.
  4. Deliver positive and negative feedback of technicians’ monthly performance to Line Manager.
  5. Other tasks assigned by Line Manager and/or Top Management.

Job Requirements

How to Apply

If you have interest please apply your cv to:

Ms. Sreynoch SEAN


Tel: 017 80 81 46/ 086 96 29 22

Address: 3, St.317, Beoung Kork1, Khan Toul Kork, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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